Vindicator Sprint

Back in 2005 we decided that we couldn't keep the Supra anymore as there were a few drawbacks to it :

So I started thinking about Kit Cars (again) it's one of those things I'd thought about off and on since I was a kid so I started looking around but with the requirements including deccent performance, fuel economy and 5 seats options were limited I looked at Chesil and Pilgrim speedstaers - very pretty but too expensive and not enough go, I found Banham doing a 356 speedster(ish) based on a Metro - don't laugh you can get a deccent bit of power out of the MPI version so we trotted off to see that .... well we weren't convinced (to put it mildly) and there wasn't actually a working demonstrator so it was back to the drawing board.
A few months went by and we hadn't seen anything so we trotted off to the Stonleigh Kit Car show and there buried amongst the usual crew was a make I hadn't heard of before Vindicator they were showing a new concept that they had which was to stretch their existing Sprint (out of the LSIS stable) and fit seats in the back ! this was it, it had the handling and space requirements and engine choice was up to me - bingo ! so I got chatting to John Butler and the ball started rolling.
Move on one year and after some real headaches we're actually getting on with the build.
The engine we've gone for is the Rover T16 2 Litre Turbo from a Rover 820, this should give us 200bhp, and still give reasonable fuel economy, so sounds good - but this has been easier said than done
We're going for the Mk IV body style to get a more modern take on the styling and we've chosen a bright green
RAL 6018

Towards the end of June 2006 the chassis arrived with us like this :
click for larger image
John and his crew have done a fantastic job in getting things going and I'm sure they never want to see another Rover engine ever again but it will be worth it - it will be worth it So progress so far is slow - with kids and work everything is slow - but steady and I've started to get some images together here